For more than 15 years GRAPE is leading the Russian market of imported premium vines. Our offer includes wines from Europe, New World and spirits of highest quality.

All imported wines undergo severe selection and the company sticks to the policy of quality product and personal approach.

The wines in our selection can easily be considered part of cultural tradition of the regions they originate from, only such masterpieces are suitable to being offered to our clients.

Are you a true connoisseur of wine picky on your choice or only making your first steps to this vast world of this prodigious drink created by the Sun? We are ready to share our knowledge and propose what is sure to suit you.

Wine is our total passion, the search for its maximum quality makes us struggle for the highest standards at every step of the business process.
We follow attentively the latest trends and current clientele requests that's why the portfolio of Grape Premium Wines & Spirits is a collection of unique products and brands.
Our suppliers are family-run wineries with their unique mastership secrets that share and follow the strategy to create and promote unconventional wines.
We are open to innovative solutions and our team is able to manage all the processes in a perfect way.